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<PurpleSym>rekado: My attempt to build pandoc statically is currently hindered by the fact that the linker does not clean out sections generated by ghc-wrap and ghc-pandoc-types’ Path_ modules, despite using -Wl,--gc-sections. Sounds familiar?
<PurpleSym>(I see both modules reference their Paths_x.version, but not anything else like sysconfigpath).
<rekado>hmm, no, unfortunately this doesn’t ring a bell.
<PurpleSym>Aw, bummer. Thanks anyways.
<PurpleSym>Looks like something, somewhere inserts a -Wl,-E, which essentially causes -Wl,--gc-sections to become meaningless. Without that flag the pandoc binary is just over 100MB large and retains no references to any other /gnu/store path (except for libc, zlib, …, obviously).