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<rekado>zimoun: the x-debbugs-cc must not have worked. I didn’t receive any notification about #60885.
<rekado>but I’ll take a look now
<zimoun>arf, maybe I screwed up something. :-)
<rekado>I’ll make a change to the description of r-roptim
<rekado>the rest looks good
<rekado>curious about python-vireosnp
<rekado>does it have tests?
<rekado>I find pyproject-build-system to be doing a better job at actually running tests
<rekado>zimoun: guix lint found something: r-scistreer@1.1.0: description contains typo 'This packages', should be 'This package'
<zimoun>ah indeed. I missed it. )-:
<zimoun>rekado: indeed, a better idea to have pyproject-build-system.
<civodul>rekado: i just realized i hadn't seen a bug fix sent by Mădălin months ago:
<civodul>let'em know i'm very sorry
<civodul>incidentally, i'm disappointed Guix-Jupyter wasn't met with more enthusiasm in Jupyter/RR circles
<rekado>perhaps these circles are just too big?
<rekado>I think it’s a common problem with very large, diverse communities
<rekado>sometimes you don’t make the right amount of splash in the right part of the pond and the waves don’t manage to reach those who would be interested
<zimoun>civodul: in Grenoble and then later, I discussed with Jupyter aficionados and mentioned Guix. Bah, the setup with Guix appears to them too complex, and it is also “a bit too fragile” (sometimes, it crashes).
<civodul>zimoun: you mean Guix-Jupyter crashes? it's possible there are bugs indeed
<civodul>so it's not "production-ready"
<civodul>rekado: heh, i like that pond analogy, that's probably what happened
<zimoun>well, I have no investigated more with them. :-) My impression about Jupyter aficionados was they are not ready for the Guix shift in the first place. Maybe, these 2 difficulties are not really ones.
<zimoun>well, the trend is to move all in the browse via WASM.
<zimoun>In Grenoble, a person from QuantStack who is in ome Jupyer Board explained that the future is to have all in the browser.
<zimoun>Arf, the slides are not available.
<civodul>ah sure, but i don't subscribe to that point of view
<civodul>it's not the future i want to live in anyway
<zimoun>me neither! :-)
<civodul>in reality, "the future" will have less computing anyhow
<civodul>we should think about removing layers, not adding more
<zimoun>yeah, I guess I imagine the same “future” as you.
<civodul>but hey it's Friday so let's be lighthearted :-)
<zimoun>just, you asked why Jupyter folks are not so much about Jupyter-Guix. Mayne, because not the same future.
<civodul>yes, that's possible
<civodul>and for Jupyter, i can see the appeal of doing everything in the browser
<civodul>no more fiddling with kernels: just compile compilers to wasm, have them produce wasm as well, and do all that entirely client-side
<zimoun>yeah, maybe Guile could compile for the browser. ;-)
<civodul>it's been discussed a number of times
<civodul>there was even a promising GSoC project (for JS at the time, not wasm)