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<civodul>comrades! in the end i have a lightning talk in the HPC track:
<rekado>ACTION is sick and tries to contribute to the activity report
<rekado>civodul: superb!
<rekado>get the word out!
<rekado>ACTION pushed a small contribution to the activity report
<rekado>I think we should also mention packaging highlights from the core Guix channel; then talk about other channels listed at that augment the curated set of packages.
<civodul>ah yes, definitely
<civodul>guix-science in particular!
<PurpleSym1>You mean guix-cran?
<civodul>that too!
<rekado>PurpleSym1: there’s a separate section for “Reproducible GNU R Environments”
<rekado>guix-cran deserves special mention
<rekado>but I want to make sure that all our endorsed channels are also mentioned to appease those who fear that 20k+ packages in core Guix are not enough somehow.