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<civodul>sharing the Compilation Warning of the Day:
<civodul>guix-science/packages/jupyter-node.scm:909:0: warning: shadows previous definition of `node-logform-2.4.2' at guix-science/packages/jupyter-node.scm:652:0
<civodul>guix-science/packages/jupyter-node.scm:1056:0: warning: shadows previous definition of `node-readable-stream-3.6.0' at guix-science/packages/jupyter-node.scm:741:0
<PurpleSym1>I guess after guix-cran it’s time for guix-node.
<PurpleSym1>Should be fixed now.
<civodul>thanks :-)
<zimoun>Oh, I missed an interesting discussion here on 2023-01-09 :-)
<drakonis>you mean there werent interesting discussions since then?! :v
<zimoun>About “software distribution” and “cultural way to do it”.
<drakonis>wasnt that yesterday?
<zimoun>the log says 09, who knows
<zimoun>it ends with civodul comment: «then again, if the authors don't care about reusability, what can one do?» But other people want to reuse such software. Hence a big issue.
<drakonis>ah i see.
<zimoun>rekado: about the time-machine, Git commit and core-updates, yeah somehow something is missing to only walk commits from master at merge points (follow only left parent, IIUC)
<zimoun>civodul: About PyPI security and PyTorch, I recommend this
<zimoun>Open on July 2020.
<zimoun>Describing exactly the attack. The answers: nan, theoretical.
<zimoun>On February 2021, a first example. The answers: nan, not really an issue.
<zimoun>On March 2021, a first plan to tackle the issue.
<zimoun>End with last week comment:
<zimoun>«this is not something we're dismissing. But the existing model has been in use for many, many years, and changing it is far from simple.» Hum, pending from July 2020 to now… well, maybe dismissing a bit. ;-)
<civodul>heh, so it's far from new