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<civodul>hey there!
<civodul>for the record i had submitted a talk in the HPC devroom at FOSDEM that got rejected
<civodul>(about --tune etc.)
<civodul>but i just saw that zimoun will be in the "open research" devroom!
<rekado>and :D
<rekado>yay for zimoun
<civodul>yup, well done!
<rekado>sad news about the tune talk
<rekado>would have liked to see these ideas spread some more
<civodul>but wait:
<rekado>curious to see how this differs from the two other approaches
<civodul>it's the same as Shrinkwrap (DT_NEEDED)
<rekado>I’m super biased, of course, but I’d rather hear the tune talk in the HPC devroom :)
<civodul>dunno, i thought it was relevant
<civodul>there are several talks about deployment tools
<rekado>… I’m so out of the loop with regard to conferences and meetups. I wonder if I’ll ever get back to attending events.
<civodul>i wish we could meet at one of these
<rekado>me too. I feel like some part of me has atrophied enough to make it strangely difficult to go outside my 20km diameter circle :-/
<civodul>it's true that moving requires organization/tradeoffs (with family) and is an energy drain
<civodul>doing that again post-pandemic proved to be both exciting and tiring
<civodul>speaking of which: