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<rekado>I discovered a few R package submissions on the bug tracker and applied them
<rekado>what remains is “moreinfo” issues
<rekado>I wonder if we should close them after some amount of silence
<rekado>today I’m working on some more mumi improvements
<rekado>tokenizing and styling search queries, for example
<PurpleSym1>rekado: Do you have time to have a look at too (if this is your area of expertise)?
<PurpleSym1>I’m looking into updating the Haskell ecosystem again, which has fallen behind way too much. We’re at GHC 8.10 (with 9.0 available) while Stackage supports 9.2 with its LTS 20 release.
<PurpleSym1>Regarding moreinfo issues: If they are patches it makes sense to close them after they do not apply cleanly any more and no-one cares enough to rebase them.
<efraim>when I setup stack on aarch64 (long story ...) it gave me 8.10.7 by default
<efraim>well actually the program is setup to use lts-18.13, not sure if that would specify 8.10
<zimoun>rekado: my rule of thumb for closing moreinfo, after one month since the last activity I send a last reminder explicitly mentionning the closing if no more comment, then 15 days later, I close it.
<zimoun>oh, rekado I just discover the new mumi interface. Nice!
<rekado>PurpleSym1: I’ll take a look at 58623
<rekado>PurpleSym1: your patches look good to me. The first one confused me a little with the unmentioned removal of “repo” (and sometimes replacement with “version”), which shouldn’t matter because you’re passing *all* arguments on anyway.
<rekado>I’ll apply them and then run all the importer tests to see if something broke
<rekado>I’ll have to change the commit messages, though, because “parameter” makes me think of something different in Scheme.
<PurpleSym1>rekado: Thanks. I think the removal of repo happened, because it’s only used by a few importers and now, since we #:allow-other-keys it’s unnecessary.
<PurpleSym1>Fingers crossed that I ran the tests – I can’t remember. If something breaks I can fix it and commit the patch series myself too.