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<rekado>for R packages with a git default branch “main” I still cannot run the importer successfully
<rekado>e.g. ./pre-inst-env guix import cran -a git -r
<rekado>Git error: reference 'refs/remotes/origin/HEAD' not found
<civodul>rekado: without '-r' it works for me
<civodul>with -r as well actually
<civodul>that's not ./pre-inst-env, though i don't think that should make a difference?
<civodul>yeah no difference
<rekado>I patch canonical-ref in update-cached-checkout in (guix git) to replace the default (symref . "refs/remotes/origin/HEAD") with (branch . "origin/main")
<rekado>then it works for me
<civodul>could you check with a clean cache if the problem occurs?
<civodul>s/clean/empty/ :-)
<rekado>empty cache?
<rekado>which cache…?
<civodul>mv ~/.cache/guix/checkouts{,.bak}
<rekado>huh, works indeed
<rekado>and here I thought we have a bug…
<civodul>would be good to see what was missing from the cached checkout
<civodul>like what's in refs/remotes/origin
<rekado>I decided to make weipub a little more generic. Let it act as a minimal activitypub server with fully functional inbox and output.
<civodul>oh, fun!
<civodul>so single inbox and outbox?
<rekado>as many as there are registered accounts
<rekado>the implementation overhead is the same
<rekado>but I’ll keep features to a minimum
<civodul>famous last words ;-)
<rekado>here’s the diff from the two checkouts:
<rekado>when the cache existed it performed a reset…?
<rekado>with a fresh cache it cloned and included the default branch config…?
<civodul>the important difference if FETCH_HEAD i guess?
<civodul>was the previous checkout done long ago?
<rekado>it is possible that I ran the importer once many months ago; but I only just revisited the package and ran it minutes before reporting the error here.
<civodul>commit cb41c15827a2e910aa56fb5d1917ba8a085c95c7 is from Apr. 2021