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<civodul>rekado: hey! should we officially mark the blue-bird account as "inactive" or something?
<civodul>like sending one last message saying "it's over thx bye"
<rekado>civodul: do we have a mastodon account yet?
<rekado>I was looking into letting our hpc blog speak activitypub
<rekado>but I haven’t been able to make enough time to see what’s missing
<rekado>but yes, I’d like us to leave twitter
<civodul>rekado: nope we don't have a mastodon account, but i'm not sure i'd be willing to take care of that
<civodul>so that i thought we could leave that for later
<civodul>or not have one
<civodul>whichever works best :-)
<civodul>i don't know how to make it happen but activitypub for the blog would be great
<efraim>in terms of self-hosting mastodon looked way too complicated for me
<rekado>I read this:
<rekado>I was hoping we could find the missing bits in
<civodul>back to the blue-bird thing, should we post a message before the release?
<civodul>actually just read that their new policy prohibits "promotion" of other platforms
<civodul>so we might as well let it die without ever touching it again
<rekado>I’d say let’s promote that other platform just once :)
<rekado>ACTION packaged guile-pubstrate
<Noisytoot>The list of platforms you can't promote on Twitter is "Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon, Truth Social, Tribel, Post and Nostr", meaning ActivityPub implementations other than Mastodon are allowed.