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<mbakke>that's incredible :-) what is the copyright on GPT-3 output?
<mbakke>are there any free AI's that are remotely comparable to GPT?
<civodul>the problem is the meaning of "free" here
<civodul>what matters is the training data and the processing power more than the actual software
<drakonis>ah, i found another excellent reason to use guix
<drakonis>python 2 works fine, even though it has entered EoL
<civodul>"excellent reason"? :-)
<civodul>Guix-Past contains a number of Python 2 packages
<rekado>the balance of power when it comes to machine learning is skewed in favor of very large players
<rekado>not only do they have the means to operate vast GPU farms, they also have legal armor to wade through messy copyright situations (is all the training data free? is the output a derived product?), and a convenient lack of morals.
<drakonis>its another excellent reason to use guix
<rekado>these models are an artefact of massive computation. It’s comparable maybe to an image produced with ray tracing in the 80s.