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<zimoun>civodul: about, you put a comment about #:blog-prefix, but then when following with elfeed.el, I get an extra /blog/ as<some-title>
<zimoun>Since the comment is from 2017, I am asking if something changed (haunt) or if I misconfigure something.
<zimoun>Old overview of package managers by CERN:
<civodul>zimoun: hello! no idea, but if you find out, feel free to fix ;-)
<civodul>it might have been buggy from the start?
<zimoun>ok, I will do some experiments. :-)
<zimoun>Since your mastodon instance had been updated, now I cannot read your toots using my smartphone (old webbrowser, etc.). So I decided to setup again elfeed. :-)
<zimoun>and also to monitor some packages built by Cuirass… but that part does not work as expected, yet.
<zimoun>civodul: hum, weird because 29490435eae942afd7f0dc6e5245cbb6f44f993c contains a fix. Maybe it is not a fix. ;-)
<civodul>it might fix a thing and break another one, who knows :-)
<zimoun>let wait the time to rebuild the website. I think it should be fixed now.
<zimoun>Well, it means really few people follow the blog using the feed. ;-)