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<rekado>zimoun: I pushed wip-bioconductor
<rekado>this includes an upgrade of R and a few more bioc package upgrades
<rekado>I’m manually building pigx on berlin to get most of the R packages built before merging
<zimoun>rekado: cool! Thank you.
<zimoun>Arf, yesterday I am complaining about non-free video meeting stuff. Today abou papers. :-)
<rekado>pigx-chipseq fails to build; will check details later
<rekado>may need some more fixes on top of wip-bioconductor
<rekado>gotta go
<zimoun>Damned! A person in my lab told me: «hey, we could redo this paper or this paper, as you prefer». Ok, but none of them provide publicly a single line of code to run the analysis… Is it the scientific method?
<zimoun>rekado: you pushed to Savanah the branch wip-bioconductor, right?
<zimoun>Ok, I will give a look more or less now.
<rekado>failures: /gnu/store/x0s4c965yn71jg19aw18pz57vskh97qq-r-car-3.1-1.drv, /gnu/store/x0s4c965yn71jg19aw18pz57vskh97qq-r-car-3.1-1.drv, /gnu/store/x0s4c965yn71jg19aw18pz57vskh97qq-r-car-3.1-1.drv
<rekado> /gnu/store/adh96wlla4kjqzffiim3l6wmxbp11anw-r-rstatix-0.7.0.drv, /gnu/store/98kdl0m2ygdpck72bzfg387rfc8d79jg-r-ggpubr-0.4.0.drv
<rekado>I’ll try to fix them
<zimoun_>my machine is slower… still compiling. :-)
<rekado>I’m doing this on berlin
<rekado>not the hacking part
<rekado>just the building
<rekado>but now I’m trying to reproduce this on my laptop and I get different derivations…
<zimoun_>wow, hum? do you mean the hash is different?
<rekado>I used guix time-machine --commit=f43a41d1966638b0b75a46276c76642cb89e3023 -- build pigx
<rekado>the derivation for r-car differs from the derivation I get when building r-car directly with commit f43a41d1966638b0b75a46276c76642cb89e3023
<rekado>I’m now almost done building pigx-rnaseq on my laptop, so maybe this was a transient error
<rekado>it built just fine on berlin
<rekado>I’ll merge it into master
<zimoun_>ok. I am recompiling the branch. Let me know if you need more help.
<zimoun_>rekado: why this «Add foo» followed right after by «foo: Update to»?
<zimoun_>ah that’s because author. :-)
<rekado>do you have an example?
<rekado>(did I screw something up?)
<zimoun_>You applied Madalin patches and right after you updated. I just missed the author name. All is good. :-)
<rekado>ah, that.
<rekado>these patches were stuck in the queue; waited for the bioc upgrade, because I couldn’t build them any more since the new bioc release.
<rekado>we really should make some progress in moving to bioc git