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<civodul>rekado: hi! i pushed a fix to Guix-Past:
<rekado>thank you!
<rekado>I’ll see if we can fix python2-matplotlib
<rekado>Guix doesn’t recognize that the default branch for is “origin/main”, so it tries and fails to fetch “origin/master”.
<rekado>I remember that we’ve had a similar problem in the past.
<rekado>I want to make a bugfix release of the GWL today
<rekado>if any of you have patches you’d like to include please mail them to me
<zimoun>rekado: neat! Nothing and this release is probably the good occasion to give a look. :-)
***civodul` is now known as civodul
***civodul` is now known as civodul
<zimoun>rekado: new Bioconductor release (3.16). Tomorrow, I would like to give a try to upgrade. Do you plan to work on it?
<rekado>zimoun: I’m in the middle of a CRAN upgrade
<rekado>still need to work on r-dt (lots of little JS changes), r-arrow (check that we have a matching apache-arrow package), and a few minor checks