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<zimoun>old: about guix-modules, you cannot; from my understanding. The Guix package is built using a version of glibc and if you want to use another, you need to create a variant of this package.
<zimoun>’guix module’ is just porcelain to type “module load” instead of “guix shell” or set some search paths via “guix package --search-paths” or else (source <some-profile>/etc/profile).
<old>hmm okay
<old>But if I use the timemachine, I should be able to get version of Guix itself and all packages with the version of glibc wanted?
<old>Otherwhise, how does one is suppose to use guix-modules on a HPC node?
<old>typically I use `guix-pack` and everything works fine
<old>I guess the best thing to do would be to have Guix install directly on the HPC nodes
<old>But since we're sharing some storage with other login/compute nodes via NFS, I wonder what would be the overhead of having the /gnu/store distributed like that
<rekado_>we have /gnu/store on NFS. When the node running the daemon is mounting a remote /gnu/store it’s not going to be great.
<rekado_>we eventually exported /gnu/store from a dedicated node that runs the daemon.
<old>Write. So remote read but local write
<rekado_>that’s how it’s set up at the MDC
<nckhexen>rekado_: lol. And thanks!