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<PurpleSym>rekado_: Is Bioconductor deleting old releases? r-isee’s source from guix-science is not available any more.
<rekado>yes, they only keep a single tarball per bioconductor release IIRC
<zimoun>but it i should be still availabl via the Git Bioconductor repository. Whereas their branch management is not clear.
<rekado>not the tarball, though.
<rekado>hence my work to switch to git branches. (Did I forget to send the patches for that…?)
<zimoun>I remember we were discussing but I do not remember patches for that.
<drakonis> this might be a neat future direction that guix could follow
<old>Anyone know how one can use guix-modules when the glibc versions differ?
<old>Guix is using glibc 2.33, and the HPC node is using glibc 2.31 for example
<old>My colleague is trying to setup guix-modules for our HPC node. I suggest to use guix-timemachine to a commit with glibc 2.31. Is that something doable?
<old>Or perhaps a `--with-commit=glibc=v2.31` would be better?