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<efraim>wow, that's only like 4% that failed
<civodul>it's broken though :-)
<civodul>#<&package-input-error package: #<package r-potools@0.2.2 guix-cran/packages/p.scm:11052 7f4031f21f20> input: ("_" #<procedure gettext (_ #:optional _ _)>)>
<civodul>looks like "gettext" instead of "gnu-gettext" in one of the inputs
<PurpleSym>Hm, strange. I'm usually validating with guix pull. Is cuirass doing more than that?
<civodul>no, it's doing something equivalent
<civodul>r-potools does have: (inputs (list gettext))
<civodul>rekado_: how 'bout adding to ?
<civodul>PurpleSym: actually, the difference between what Cuirass does and what 'guix pull' does is that Cuirass computes package derivations, unlike 'guix pull'
<civodul>in the case above, you won't see any problem until you run 'guix build r-potools' or similar
<civodul>which is roughly what Cuirass does
<PurpleSym>civodul: I see. Thought that cuirass would fail just that one build and not the entire channel in that case. I’ll try to add a workaround tomorrow.
<efraim>or switch it to gettext-minimal
<zimoun>civodul: oh you (I guess :-) added the article in nature scientific data. BTW, this one in Blood ( also uses Guix but it is not clearly mentioned in Materials and Methods – the reader has to open the associated Git repo ;-)
<civodul>it's paywalled!
<zimoun>welcome in top-notch biomedical publication ;-)
<rekado_>PurpleSym: the gettext -> gnu-gettext mapping is something we can do in the importer