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<rekado>old: I had no particular other tool in mind
<rekado>I thought we should maybe look if snakemake, nextflow, or cwl have something similar, just to see if it makes sense to emulate what they do or go our own way.
<rekado>re polling: see, I didn’t think about signals at all. call-with-output-processor runs the process in a thread, lets it write to a socket, and uses the main thread to read-line on the socket until EOF.
<rekado>I suppose there is a chance to simplify this somewhat, but the reason why I’m using a socket is because Guile needs a file port to capture stderr.
<rekado>something seems to be wrong with inferiors again
<rekado>I have a little manifest that should look up a handful of packages in an inferior and it’s incredibly slow
<rekado>I wonder if that’s a regression.
<rekado>or maybe it’s because I’m using an inferior Guix that predates the performance improvements!
<zimoun>NixOS Compose:
<drakonis>zimoun: interesting, that.
<drakonis>the running trend of not having the kitchen sink's worth of packages continues
<drakonis>rather, i'll amend that
<drakonis>the running trend of guix being dismissed for lacking every package ever developed in the history of computing continues
<rekado>is it cheating if we just count every package version that can be reached via the time-machine?