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<civodul>rekado_: i'm curious how your script finds about missing files in texlive packages
<civodul>and how the importer misses files, too
<rekado_>civodul: it uses files-differ? from (guix import texlive)
<rekado_>the importer nowadays does the right thing, mostly — at least for trivial packages that just copy all files. But we have many packages that are fancier and they end up missing files.
<rekado_>any package that builds .ins files from source is suspect
<rekado_>the old texlive-latex-* packages are also problematic because they don’t even include all necessary input files from SVN
<civodul>and those packages that lack files were made before the importer DTRT?
<rekado_>the packages made before the importer used tlpdb are more likely to miss files, but they are not the only ones.
<rekado_>packages that use texlive-build-system can also miss files, because the texlive-build-system is rather primitive and makes a number of silly mistakes
<rekado_>for example it ignores target directories encoded in the .ins files
<zimoun>wow! 2 questions about Guix by the jury of a PhD defense… from biology. :-)
<old>zimoun: Awesome!
<rekado_>wow indeed