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<PurpleSym>Is there an easy way to figure out in which module a package has been defined? I see `package-location`, but it provides a path.
<PurpleSym>The only way I see right now would be to parse the file and check the `define-module` expression.
<rekado>package-location maps cleanly to a module name
<rekado>package->code in (guix import print) contains package-module-name
<rekado>it transforms package-location to a module name by splitting on /
<PurpleSym>Thanks, that should be much faster.
<PurpleSym>Are you okay with GPLv3’ing the script you shared earlier, rekado ?
<PurpleSym>I have a rough version that imports the entire CRAN into a usable channel now.
<rekado>yes, GPLv3+ all the way
<zimoun>PurpleSym: package-location returns a <location>. Then the file as string is via location-file, I am read correctly.
<PurpleSym>zimoun: Yep, got it 🙂
<zimoun>I mean, if I read correctly. :-)
<drakonis> cool scheme tech, this is.
<zimoun>Ahah! VS Code folk are discovering remote editing à la Emacs Tramp :-)
<lagash>Takes awhile to catch up doesn't it? :)
<drakonis>most certainly.