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<zimoun>civodul: could you provide some insights about my question of G-Exp on help-guix? I am trying to convert sources.json from the website to a manifest for Cuirass.
<zimoun>it is a long overoverdue and the first step to improve sources.json on our side, which should ease the new nixguix listener. See
<civodul>zimoun: oh, i'll take a look!
<civodul>i don't read help-guix frequently enough
<zimoun>thanks :-)
<zimoun>civodul: some days ago at 10 years event, between coffee and cake, we discussed «documentation in Org». :-) Here an interesting thread about Org itself
<civodul>zimoun: oh, they're considering switching back to Texi? :-)
<civodul>i feel like people get easily blinded with these fancy tools
<zimoun>bzg wants to switch back, IIUC. Others are discussing.
<zimoun>However, it is interesting to note that they seem to get more contributions to their manual in the .org format than in the .texi one.
<civodul>i can't see the graphs because the MIME types are wrong or something
<civodul>(in eww)
<civodul>yeah, wrong MIME type
<civodul>anyway, i downloaded it, and it's not clearcut
<civodul>plus there could be other factors
<zimoun>ahah! yeah for sure. It can be correlated to the price of the butter or the age of miss america. ;-)
<civodul>well anyway, i remain to be convinced, and it won't be easy :-)
<zimoun>it appears to me expected that Org manual receives more contributions (number of commits) when the format is .org. Because it is easy for an Org user to fix.
<zimoun>What is missing is the “size“ of the contributions.
<zimoun>(there is a clearcut if your normalize the number of commits touching manual by the total number of commits)
<civodul>right, Org manual written in Org is a bit of a special case
<civodul>i agree it should help here
<zimoun>so currently, emacs-devel is also discussing this topic.
<zimoun>Between the noise, there is interesting points (by bzg and others :-))
<drakonis>documentation in org would surely be an interesting approach
<drakonis>more power to the people
<drakonis>but can you convert it to texi for reading it in the terminal?
<zimoun>the main issue is about non-Emacs users. :-)
<zimoun>(troll ;-)) By the way, maybe the format could be plain html and then converted to PDF using CSS as weasyprint is doing :-)
<zimoun>this would be really fancy! And kool kids ;-)
<rekado>I always felt that criticism of the texi format is a very superficial complaint
<rekado>there’s very little to learn there
<rekado>I also must admit that I’m not enthusiastic about the org syntax (even though I’m an org user).
<rekado>org shines when it’s used for literate programming (something I like in principle much more than in practise), but I always found it a little awkward for reference style documentation
<zimoun>about .texi, although I am (was?) a bit user of LaTeX, I find .texi hard to type, navigate, etc. And I have spent some time to try to configure my Emacs.
<zimoun>I mean, .texi is painful because it barely works out of the box. Even for Emacs users, so I do not imagine for non-Emacs.
<rekado>on a less serious note, I don’t think the headline ‘Guix switches from weird Texi format to equally weird Org format’ would make all the markdown stans flock to us
<zimoun>About .org, I agree. For small document, it is fine but then it means more than painful. And some errors in the export mechanism are hard to understand.
<rekado>I can already see the collective eye rolling in my group at work.
<rekado>‘ugh, so now you need to use even more Emacs…?’
<civodul>speaking of which...
<civodul>so i'd like to C-e l O an org file, if you see what i mean
<civodul>and you do because you're Emacs geeks
<civodul>how do i combine that with 'guix shell'?
<civodul>(when pdflatex isn't in my default profile)
<rekado>I wonder if this could be used for this purpose:
<rekado>it has support for guix.scm files
<civodul>rekado: looks nice!
<civodul>dthompson has been working on something in the same vein over the last few days