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<drakonis> another contender it seems
<rekado>“tg run” is an interesting idea that I think wouldn’t have made it past our objections
<rekado>there are many packages that have more than one executable, so it wouldn’t be clear which one to execute
<rekado>it does save a few keystrokes for the common case, though, so maybe it’s not a bad idea
<drakonis>nix has that
<drakonis>it is very strongly inspired by nix
<drakonis>zero guix influence in there
<nckx>Ey, neat.
<rekado>the command at the very bottom looks guixy
<rekado>but yes, all that javascript looks very nix-like
<drakonis>that command in the bottom follows the new nix cli
<drakonis>or maybe just nix-shell but no dashes there
<drakonis>since -p is used to refer to a package
<rekado>I see.
<rekado>curious that there’s no link to source code
<rekado>or documentation
<drakonis> i guess this would be the place?
<drakonis>still contains the rust code from the project it was originally spun off
<drakonis>the repository is private
<drakonis>but seeing that it has copious amounts of nix there
<drakonis>no doubt about its inspirations
<drakonis>its made by a startup it seems
<rekado>ugh, a software project as a product of a startup – rings all the bells
<drakonis>i went into their discord and lol
<drakonis>its true
<drakonis>also they made a content addressed filesystem for it
<drakonis>this is going to be terrible
<rekado>but it’s going to have lots of buzz
<rekado>might have to deal with it sooner or later because of PR
<drakonis>i find it to be difficult to have lots of buzz right now
<drakonis>there's no source
<drakonis>i found it entirely by accident while reading comments on lobsters
<rekado>funding means PR will follow.
<drakonis>i suppose
<rekado>I’m jaded and cynical, but in my experience that’s where most of the money goes.
<rekado>that’s not necessarily bad
<rekado>it’s just something that free software projects usually don’t do well
<rekado>startups have a much stronger incentive to appear better than their product would imply
<drakonis>it does promise some nifty things, but it stands to be seen