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<PurpleSym>rekado_: Including random minified JS is pretty normal though, not just for R packages.
<PurpleSym>Doing a quick `fd -e js \\.min\\. /gnu/store` I see a bunch of Python packages doing the same.
<PurpleSym>jQuery here, bootstrap there…
<PurpleSym>Did you have any luck with RStudio, by the way?
<rekado>for R packages I regularly replace minified JS, but the rstudio packages are some of the worst in that regard.
<rekado>it’s understandable: they often provide things that are really R wrappers around JS libraries
<rekado>re RStudio server: yes, it did work eventually. Must have been some config or state file in my directory.
<rekado>so I wrote an rstudio-server service, but I haven’t bothered to map all config options yet
*rekado updates CRAN packages
<rekado>do any of you know an alternative to IBM’s cplex optimizer?
<efraim>I've thought about posting on guix-devel about making one "blessed" jquery or bootstrap package and using that to replace the bundled ones across packages
<drakonis>i have a terrible suggestion, do not flame
<drakonis>package version multiplexing
<rekado>efraim: I would like that. I had a similar idea.
<rekado>at least to move all these js things that are currently just native-inputs to (gnu packages javascript).
<rekado>I have been working on using for the bioconductor importer and updater
<rekado>(guix upstream)’s package-update, however, doesn’t let me transition from url-fetch to git-fetch
<rekado>the upstream mechanism doesn’t support replacing expressions like (git-version "123" revision commit); it takes the actual *value* and doesn’t operate on the expression
<rekado>maybe the importer should just generate the literal string "1.28.0-1.4ef945a" instead of (git-version "1.28.0" revision "4ef945a34c780fbce45e4b9af31cc88f72938e00")