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<drakonis> nix roadmap hellthread filled with comments about guix
<efraim>I didn't see as many comments about Guix as people complaining about the CLI tools, trying to use the language, and the lack of a central repository of up-to-date information about how to do everything
<drakonis>ha, indeed not.
<drakonis>there's a comment saying that guix is a nih version of nix
<rekado_>gotta say that this recurrent dismissal of Guix by Nix folks (and the constant plugging of Nix on Guix posts) seriously turns me off from ever considering to use nixpkgs or nixos.
<rekado_>I’m sure there are toxic Guix fanboys™ out there on these “social” websites who give Guix a bad name, but I only ever encountered the Nix equivalent and it’s grating.
<efraim>ugh I forgot about the NIH comment about Guix
<drakonis>there are a bunch of really silly posts
<drakonis>the usual fare with regards to package counts, which i stand by my statement that it is a social problem
<drakonis>nixpkgs has so so so many throwaway packages
<drakonis>something only made possible by how flakes only became relevant extremely late in nix's existence
<drakonis>efraim: the author of that nih post is very much not a scheme fan
<drakonis>as seen in following posts
<drakonis>ah, there's also the usual fare in that there's always going to be someone complaining about guix's repos not offering nonfree software out of the box
<drakonis>belatedly there's this post but comments about guix are a bit more positive
<atka>what about the criticism of guix in the sever space and lack of microcode updates?
<atka>with the constant spe bugs and hardware flaws
<atka>constant wave*
<drakonis>ah yes, that one.
<drakonis>personally, i would've preferred if guix defaulted to providing mainline linux instead of linux-libre
<atka>i do run guix on servers, but they are not open to general public, I wouldn't run guix on public facing infra
<drakonis>but switching to the mainline kernel isn't a difficult thing to do
<atka>true, and I'm actually migrating over to that for one server
<drakonis>its just not offered on the default repos.
<atka>yes, and has the nasty need to compile a lot
<drakonis>buuut there are ways around that and build farms that provide the built packages
<atka>though substitutes have been added, can't get them to work for me
<atka>have to set up a build server for kernels now :/
<drakonis>you have to authorize them on the daemon and restart it
<drakonis>the daemon, that is.
<atka>I have tried all that, for some reason its an issue in with the service section of the config
<atka>I need to look into it more
<drakonis>modify-config or something?
<atka>yep, followed all the rules, stripped out pretty much everything but that section and still fails to reconfigure
<drakonis>how odd
<atka>the examples modify %desktop-services which I don't use on a server so I played around with that