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<drakonis>rekado_: i think that what you initially want is a supervisor
<drakonis>ie: watch resources and do things
<drakonis>before engaging in building an orchestrator
<drakonis>have a daemon with a public facing api that can receive messages and then work on these
<drakonis>i'm reading kernel's publications instead of working on my daemon project
*rekado writes an rstudio-server service for guix-science
<civodul`>rekado: rstudio-server provides a web interface to R?
<drakonis>civodul`: shiny!
<drakonis>its basically hosting a notebook session
<drakonis>its also serving wasm
<civodul`>ooh right
***civodul` is now known as civodul
<drakonis>i cant choose between doing the daemon and porting kernel to guile
<drakonis>one has immediate and tangible gains and the other has long term gains
<drakonis>actually, both have that
<rekado>civodul: rstudio-server is like rstudio (an IDE for R), but rendered as a web application, and for more than one user.
<drakonis>so wasm and shiny then
<drakonis>i looked into the package
<drakonis>not even wasm, just good old shiny
<rekado>it’s separate from shiny server
<rekado>it’s built with gwt, written in Java and compiled to JavaScript.
<drakonis>ah, neat.
<civodul>rekado: ah alright
<civodul>written in Java, woow
<efraim>isn't shepherd effectively a supervisor? off the cuff I wonder about my shepherd init.scm with loading external files, if that can be worked with
<drakonis>it supervises only processes
<drakonis> this is a bit closer to what i'm thinking
<drakonis>basically, it has to watch any arbitrary resource and act on it if it matches the rules set for the job
<drakonis>if mcron enters into play, you can do more
<drakonis>but it is still not the same as having a single thing that's effectively both of them