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<rekado>(did you just describe Haskell too?)
<rekado>it’s easy to just claim that Nix is popular due to two powerful misunderstandings of Guix: the “Guix is a fork of Nix” meme coupled with whatever unkind ideas people may have about GNU.
<rekado>but it’s also still the main player because it has been the main player; momentum is in Nix’s favour.
<rekado>and while the user interface may be alienating, the results (shared with Guix) may be enough to dampen the impulse to look for something else.
<PurpleSym>I’m guessing it would be a waste of time to write code that interfaces with cabal-install’s .cabal-file parser in Haskell land and pipes a serialized version to the Scheme world because it would never get accepted into Guix?
<PurpleSym>Languages mixing bracketed and indentation-based blocks (like cabal files) are a nightmare to parse properly.