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<rekado_>civodul: haven’t been able to test the manifest reduction patches yet, but I’ll try to squeeze it into my schedule tomorrow
<civodul>rekado_: alright, no problem!
<civodul>rekado_: in other news, the 'guix deploy' aarch64 issue should be fixed:
<civodul>i'll give it a spin tomorrow maybe
<rekado>I’m struggling to package apache-arrow 0.16.0 for a python tool that only works with this old version.
<rekado>parquet fails to be built, because the build system doesn’t generate some files.
<kennyballou>rekado: I don't always check the logs, but I appreciate you looking into the error I was getting.
<kennyballou>I've tried the new version of GWL@1d6f14cc5c7d3e3a8eb2a9235ea90643c54c18d0, but now I'm getting a different error when submitting jobs against slurm:
<kennyballou>It appears that slurm is attempting to use bash to interpret the scheme file instead of interpreting like the simple engine does, e.g., `sh -c /gnu/store/...-job.scm`.
<kennyballou>To get the above error, I had to manually symlink bash into /bin/bash. Which may be part of the issue? Without /bin/bash the error becomes "bad interpreter: no file or directory: /bin/bash"
<rekado>kennyballou: I have a patch for that; just didn’t push it
<rekado>give me a minute
<rekado>kennyballou: a7baa72194b4ebbec190615d1dc1114964d2f5ae
<rekado>with that change (and a couple of unrelated changes) the test suite passes.
<rekado>(the test suite submits all example workflows to a local test slurm cluster)
<kennyballou>rekado: I'll give it a try and report back, thanks!
<rekado>thank you!