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<rekado>a big blocker for R packages is mathjaxr
<rekado>we already have the corresponding js package for *most* of mathjax; the R package doesn’t do much more than bundle it.
<rekado>I’ll try to get that package ready, so we can unblock certain R package upgrades.
<efraim>Related, one of these days we're going to have to do a JavaScript audit of our packages
<efraim>Search for bundled JavaScript in the packages
<efraim>I'll see what I come up with when I get home, it might be enough to start with 'find /gnu/store -name *.js' and then manually check them out
<PurpleSym>rekado: What’s the difference between js-mathjax-for-r-mathjaxr and js-mathjax?
<PurpleSym>Just mj-context-menu?
<PurpleSym>Also, I’m trying to build texlive-apa6 from source, but docstrip just bails out with `! I can't write on file `./config/APAamerican.txt'.` Should I just use copy-build-system?
<rekado>PurpleSym: the version (3.1.2 vs 3.2.0) and it doesn’t use mhchemparser.
<PurpleSym>Ah, right, mhchemparser, not mj-context-menu, sorry.
<rekado>I haven’t tried to build r-mathjaxr yet, but I noticed the difference in version, so I thought I’d get that out of the way first.
*rekado updates CRAN packages now
<civodul>R session info of a "reproducible" stats paper:
<rekado>yes, this is what Rmarkdown does
<rekado>it’s just sessionInfo()
<rekado>pigx also uses rmarkdown for the reports and I’m pretty sure the last section is the sessionInfo output.
<rekado>I don’t know of anyone who would make use of that information.
<civodul>right, it gives a sense that "you did it right", but it looks mostly useless
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