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<rekado>kennyballou: could you try with ‘-l all’ to see all log events? Would be interesting to see how far it gets.
<rekado>any other information to reproduce this would be welcome
<rekado>are you using the latest version from git or the most recent release?
<kennyballou>rekado: I am currently using bf1e701c6 from master. I'll try with the `-l all` on. I'm using slurm from guix (598f7289db9955584457ffc11c8504f3938a1618, a little older), using the slurmd service definitions from here: I guess I can also just point to my dotfiles: ;)
<kennyballou>rekado: here's the log from GWL: The workflow works fine if using the default engine. The example-workflow.scm file is the same as in the doc/examples/example-workflow.scm file.
<kennyballou>The job for "create-process" gets submitted to the cluster. But GWL complains the specified output file is not created, which is true, the file is not created. But it's not clear if this is an environment issue of slurm or something GWL is doing.