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<civodul>i'm thinking we could have a short blog post on about Python 2 in Guix
<civodul>along the lines of: 1) python2-* packages are being removed, 2) you can use 'guix time-machine', and 3) you can use Guix-Past if you want them in a modern software environment
*kennyballou taking nckx's advice...
<nckx>…you were already here? 😛
<kennyballou>What's the easiest way to determine why GWL jobs submitted to slurm are not succeeding? I've installed slurm-drmaa and issue `guix workflow run -e drmaa-engine example-workflow.scm`, but the jobs fail on the "create-file" process.
<kennyballou>nckx: I meant asking about GWL here ;)
<nckx>Ah yes. Excellent advice, really, quite so.
<nckx>Most Guixers operate on European time so you might not get the answer ‘today’.
<kennyballou>nckx: I was afraid of that... Since I'm more than likely to miss the response, is there a more async Guix-HPC specific list?
<nckx>There's the <guix-science at gnu dot org> list!
<kennyballou>nckx: Perfect! how did I miss that
<nckx>Ah — wait. There's an even more specific list:
*nckx didn't check the site before answering, oh dear.
*kennyballou guilty as charged
<nckx>The GWL list is more active; wasn't expecting that. Good news for you.
<kennyballou>Indeed, I have lots of questions :)