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<PurpleSym>Every method to learn a language falls apart if you don’t practise every day.
<PurpleSym>And having a native speaker at hand is a massive help. Fingers crossed for learning Korean 🤞
<midgardian[m]><PurpleSym> "Every method to learn a language..." <- I don't think this is true I am still conversational in languages I haven't been in the Sprachraum in in multiple years
<PurpleSym>Hm, I was thinking of “learning” as aquiring a new language without being (reasonably) fluent. But of course it’s hard to fully complete learning a language.
<midgardian[m]>PurpleSym: ahhh yes best to visit/live in the Sprachraum
<midgardian[m]>(for learning)
<PurpleSym>True. With living and working being the ideal condition.
<midgardian[m]>working can be many things
<PurpleSym>As an easy way to get in regular contact with locals.