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<civodul>a talk colleagues of mine gave today to other research teams:
<midgardian[m]>civodul hallo!!!
<midgardian[m]>civodulDo you know what software was made to produce this slideshow?
<rekado>pdfinfo says Emacs with OrgMode with pdfTeX.
<civodul>it's LaTeX + Beamer
<civodul>oh, Org even
<civodul>i'm not surprised given that these two folks are die-hard Org users :-)
<rekado>I’m curious about the ‘gwl’ on the last slide.
<civodul>rekado: it's about Babel snippets in Org documents
<civodul>instead of using the ad-hoc cache that Babel has, it could have a Guix or a GWL backend
<civodul>these are very rough ideas
<civodul>BTW, you have potential GWL users here