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<atka>hello hpc, do you think transparent hugepages should be set to madvise by default in guix?
<atka>guix system that is
<drakonis>i just found out that nix has optional impure builds as an experimental feature as of the latest update
<civodul>drakonis: hi! it's always had a hidden flag to turn off chroot builds
<civodul>and those were (are?) off by default
<civodul>you could have a derivation with an attribute like __disableChroot = true;
<drakonis>that's for impure builds, no?
<civodul>actually it's __noChroot = true;
<civodul>yes, "impure" in the sense that the build process has access to the whole file system
<civodul>kinda terrible
<civodul>apparently the attribute still exists
<drakonis>i stand corrected
<drakonis>it isnt without its uses
<civodul>though looking at their code, __noChroot = true is forbidden if the build daemon has chroot enabled globally
<civodul>so, not that bad
<civodul>now maybe they added another mechanism recently?
<drakonis>that's the case
<drakonis>there used to be a PR for it half a decade ago for handling it in a derivation level and keeping it separate from FOD
<drakonis>ah this is content addresse
<drakonis>this one's perfect for using nix as a CI
<drakonis>CI/CD for project development
<drakonis>since you no longer require external tooling for generating the hashes
<drakonis>only FODs and impure derivations can depend on impure derivations, neat.
<drakonis>i can see a use for this in the form of using addons as inputs
<drakonis>having multiple paid contributors does wonders to it
<drakonis>it has improved a lot more than i give them credit for
<drakonis>also nickel has a prototype for interacting with the store
<drakonis>so its looking like tough competition
<drakonis>in a manner of speaking.
<civodul>hmm i see
<civodul>i wonder about the use cases for __impure = true
<civodul>re tough competition, yes, maybe
<civodul>though the two projects are taking different approaches to tackle similar problems
<civodul>and they also don't tackle the exact same set of problems
<civodul>and more importantly, there's more to a project than just code :-)
<drakonis>of course!
<drakonis>there's no shortage of divergences in approaches
<drakonis>i suppose that impure builds are a stand-in for not having a full language there
<drakonis>since in guix you could just call procedures before getting in the build itself
<drakonis>guix policies and constraints dictate otherwise
<drakonis>also i meant procedures within guile itself and not ones that interact with the daemon
<civodul>ah yes, sure
<civodul>anyway it's always interesting to see the direction Nix follows