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***rekado_ is now known as rekado
<rekado>mekeor[m]: depends on the scenario that you want to prevent.
<rekado>I have a user here on the cluster who wants to upgrade a profile, and “guix package --do-not-upgrade=foo -u” takes a *very* long time before anything seems to happen.
<rekado>the profile contains a bunch of R packages for the most part
<rekado>I’m guessing that things slow down when the profile contains a lot of propagated inputs.
<civodul>hi rekado!
<civodul>can it be boiled down to a small package set?
<civodul>also, does removing --do-not-upgrade=foo make a difference?
<civodul>--no-grafts might make a difference, too, at least in terms of responsiveness
<rekado>I’ll try --no-grafts, without --do-not-upgrade, and with --dry-run
<rekado>already more than 10 seconds
<rekado>still running
<rekado>real 2m18.797s
<rekado>the manifest file is 30M!
<civodul>what about "guix package --export-manifest"?
<civodul>hopefully the output is more concise :-)
<rekado>that takes 40 seconds and is in fact less than 30M :)
<rekado>issuing the install command from the generated manifest to the error (which necessitated “--do-not-upgrade”) takes 19s.
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