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<zimoun>rekado: I was looking at which provides some Perl scripts to work with Debbugs. Well, they heavily rely on this Perl script
<zimoun>Mumi provides mbox via
<zimoun>This feature is really nice because I can import the patch etc.
<zimoun>Until now, I am doing Bug triage using the Emacs front-end of Debbugs *and* a Org file tracking things (as one reminder)
<zimoun>I would like to move more of my workflow to Notmuch
<zimoun>My question is: where can I download the mapping between the bug ID and their status?
<zimoun>Somehow, I am thinking about a CLI (via Guix extensions) to work with the tracker. And I have quickly read Mumi code. Well, does Mumi expose something about the status of the bugs?
<zimoun>Soemthing like a list of all open bugs.
<rekado>mumi’s API is very limited
<rekado>but Arun has recently added a graphql thing
<rekado>for example, you can write this query to a file “req”:
<rekado>{"query": "query { issues(search: \"tag:easy\") { title tags open submitter { name address } } }" }
<rekado>and then do: curl --data-binary @req | jq
<rekado>that’ll return a JSON response formatted as the query prescribes, containing all issues that match the given search string “tag:easy”.
<zimoun>rekado: oh, thanks! it seems what I need. I have seen the Arun’s email but missed the point… now I see. :-)
<rekado>it’s pretty neat
<rekado>very flexible
<rekado>for my future projects I’ll probably use graphql when I feel the need to add an API
<rekado>R 4.2.0 has been released a few days ago. I tried upgrading, but there are test failures that I haven’t been able to fix yet.
<rekado>looks like errors in finding R at test time