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<civodul>the comparison between and is interesting
<civodul>for one thing, it confirms that one-off contributions are much easier to get in on GitHub
<civodul>the number of commits might suggest a different level of engagement
<civodul>i bet it'd be an interesting topic for someone working in sociology
<zimoun>civodul: I do not find it, but I have read an interesting feedback about PR. A project almost dead with an obscure workflow for contributing put their code to GitHub; mainly to orphan the project and free the infra. Then, they got back some contributions and the project is now still alive.
<zimoun>for people contributing only once each while, the format-patch and Debbugs is really steep.
<zimoun>But for people with their habits, this format-patch+email helps to better scale.
<zimoun>Even if I am not sure it is still true with magit-forge.
<civodul>zimoun: magit-forge makes integrates the PR workflow with Magit, right?
<zimoun>And the issues too. That’s what people are telling me. I never had the need for, yet.
<zimoun>Well, patchwork or similar already would help a lot, IMHO. :-)
<civodul>avoiding success at all cost, Guix edition :-)