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<zimoun_>rekado: could you comment about bioconductor-git-reference in #54787? Note that yesterday, the Bioconductor Git repo was unavailable. I do not know if it is related to their release for soon.
<rekado>I’m reviewing and applying some R patches now
<rekado>will try to comment on this later today
<rekado>just replied
<PaulePanter>Hi. Nice project. Some nit pick about the Web site, the logo looks blurry on a HiDPI (4K) screen. ;-)
<PaulePanter>Do you have a SVG logo?
<PaulePanter>More on point, lists a load-profile command, I understand is not part of default `guix`. Do you know, where I can get the code for that?
<PaulePanter>Or how do others manage different versions on their installations?
<zimoun_>PaulePanter: I do not know where does the load-profile comes from. Otherwise, ’eval $(guix package --search-paths=prefix)’.
<zimoun_>Else, you can run:
<zimoun_>env -i $(which bash) --login --noprofile --norc
<zimoun_>. ~/.guix-profile/etc/profile
<zimoun_>exit # once you are done.
<PaulePanter>Does that also work with several installed versions in parallel?
<zimoun_>And the thing probably comes from
<rekado>PaulePanter: I maintain
<zimoun_>PaulePanter: what is ’that’?
<rekado>this is the snippet for load-profile:
<PaulePanter>zimoun_: that = your solutions
<PaulePanter>rekado: Thank you, I am going to check that out.
<PaulePanter>We currently (without guix) manage our own package infrastructure with several versions of scientific packages installed in parallel, and have a wrapper `prun` settings up the environment accordingly. If anyone is interested:
<PaulePanter>$ prun R-4.1.0-0 R --version | head -1
<PaulePanter>R version 4.1.0 (2021-05-18) -- "Camp Pontanezen"
<PaulePanter>Can also be used as shebang.
<zimoun_>rekado: thanks for your answers about bioconductor and Git. :-)
<zimoun_>PaulePanter: basically, you can have as many profile as you want. So yes, it works with multiple parallel installed versions.
<zimoun_>Currently, mainstream Guix provides only one version of R. For instance, compare “guix shell gcc-toolchain@7 -- gcc --version” and “guix shell gcc-toolchain@10 -- gcc --version” which basically does the dance of ’prun’
<zimoun_>and you can also create profiles
<zimoun_>I would not recommand it, but this could help for transitionning from “modules” to Guix way. ;-)
<civodul>yay! :-)
<rekado>zimoun_: I cannot reproduce your reported failure in building the “orange” package. Is it broken at runtime?
<rekado>weird. I cannot reproduce this on my laptop.
<rekado>just built it.
<zimoun_>I do not know. It fails on my desktop machine. And Cuirass says it comes from the recent PyYAML@6 merge. But the dependency is not straightforward.
<zimoun_>Well, I have not investigated more. Just tried an update here and there but still.
<rekado>that’s bizarre
<rekado>I get a different derivation on my laptop than the failing one on
<rekado>mine is /gnu/store/x9aj1mdh213ivmbsgba78p6diz9q4x19-python-orange-canvas-core-0.1.24.drv
<rekado>but even /gnu/store/aj4xvw8shwjq9qpyfbswb71jk7axf26h-python-orange-canvas-core-0.1.24.drv (the one failing on builds fine here.
<rekado>never mind: grafts vs no grafts
<PaulePanter>zimoun_: Does that also work with shebang line in scripts?
<rekado>zimoun_: I just built it manually on and it worked fine
<rekado>it only fails in cuirass?
<zimoun_>rekado: it also fails on my desktop.
<zimoun_>by “build it manually”, do you mean restart build?
<rekado>no, “guix build /gnu/store/….drv” on the command line.
<old>Hi!  If I've installed gwl globally with `guix install glw` what would be the correct way of setting up `GUIX_EXTENSIONS_PATH` for `guix workflow`?
<old>My idea was to use `guix build glw` to find the store entry, create a root in `/var/guix/gcroots` and symlink to that root.  Is this the correct way of doing it?
<zimoun_>old, what do you mean by “globally”?
<old>Or I could use `guix shell` and extend guix using `$GUIX_ENVIRONMENT`.  I'm not sure which approach is the best.
<old>`guix install glw` so really in the current profile
<old>I would prefer a solution with `guix shell` so anyone can clone the project and launch the workflow without any installation process.
<old>oh well `guix shell --pure guix gwl` seems to be enough
<rekado>adding guix to the pure shell is probably not a good idea
<rekado>after installing gwl export GUIX_EXTENSIONS_PATH=$HOME/.guix-profile/share/guix/extensions/
<rekado>that should be enough
<old>okay.  What if I want a `wf-env` script in my project?
<rekado>haven’t thought about that yet
<old>So that someone can do `./wf-env run-workflows`
<rekado>note that there are fixed bugs in the latest version of GWL, but there hasn’t been a new release yet.
<old>Because ideally, I would also use `guix time-machine` in the script
<old>Okay.  I'm also trying a few examples in the manual and getting `error: 1.31 Wrong type argument in position 1 (expecting struct): #f` during the preparation
<old>is this a known issue?
<rekado>yes, that’s been fixed
<rekado>sorry about that
<rekado>this commit fixed it:
<old>Okay cool.  I'm not in an hurry so I will wait for the new release.  Do you have a date in mind?
<rekado>I think I can do this some time next week.
<rekado>I actually wanted to add a few more features to improve performance, but I haven’t been able to make enough time for that.
<old>okay awesome!
<civodul>rekado: it's annoying that one has to set GUIX_EXTENSIONS_PATH manually
<civodul>i have the same problem with guix-modules
<zimoun_>civodul: we had some related discussion
<zimoun_>Somehow, I proposed a default location as ~/.config/guix/
<zimoun_>Well, feel free to comment the mentioned thread, if it is worth. ;-)