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<civodul>i'd like to share this with you: the "Artifact Evaluation" appendix of
<civodul>i think it's the state of the art in terms of reproducibility
<civodul>lemme know what you think :-)
<zimoun>civodul: thanks! But the question is: is HPC performance science or technology? ;-) scientist vs engineer? :-)
<zimoun>I will give a look later today, I hope. :-)
<rekado>the section before that is interesting. It looks like it’s completely useless.
<rekado>well, not the lshw output, maybe.
<rekado>but all these env vars. Who cares?
<civodul>wild guess: nobody!
<civodul>but there are several pages of cryptic symbols, it looks serious
<civodul>"they captured it all"
<zimoun>civodul, rekado: ahah «Due to restrictions outside of our control,»
<zimoun>rekado: about GATK, how do your users do?
<rekado>those who use GATK don’t use Guix.
<zimoun>rekado: :-) That’s a neat solution
<zimoun>Well, maybe the solution is to just use their Docker image. Because GATK is too complicated. I find the dev practise of the Broad Institute… bad! At the modern area of FAIR principles etc.
<rekado>are all versions of GATK complicated to build?
<rekado>it’s a bunch of Java, and GATK4 seems to be difficult.
<zimoun>all version, I do not know, but GATK4 is usually the ones people want. )-:
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