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<rekado>heya! I was on holidays, mostly away from computers. Back now.
<rekado>are there things that any of you need me to process with priority?
<civodul>howdy rekado, welcome back!
<civodul>hope you enjoyed your holidays :-)
<civodul>nothing particular needs processing AFAIK
<civodul>oh yes, maybe your thoughts in the email thread about a possible in-person event
<rekado>okay, I’ll read that thread
<rekado>civodul: I’m not sure I can commit to helping with any of the tasks for the meeting, because I’m not sure I can actually attend :-/
<civodul>rekado: no worries!
<civodul>i'd love it if we could all spend some time together like in the good'ol days
<rekado>these were good times
<civodul>but i understand that can't all be 100% on this activity :-)
<civodul>heh yeah
<civodul>*that we
<rekado>it’s weird how much time has passed