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<civodul>howdy zimoun!
<zimoun>civodul: 2 questions, 1. why “guix system vm” or “guix system image” uses an old version of Guix and not the current one?
<zimoun>and 2. is it possible to share the store for “guix build” inside the vm or image?
<civodul>zimoun: it's the same as "guix build guix"
<civodul>currently, if you want to use Guix inside the VM, you have to make a standalone VM image i think
<civodul>with "guix system image"
<civodul>"guix system vm" shares the store but doesn't let you interact with the daemon and all
<zimoun>civodul: ah, ok. Thanks.
<efraim>can you refer to GUIX_DAEMON_SOCKET of the host from within the vm?
<efraim>I suppose you could do '--expose=/var/guix/daemon-socket=/gnu/socket' and then GUIX_DAEMON_SOCKET=/gnu/socket/socket guix build foo
<zimoun>efraim, I get «failed to connect to /gnu/socket/socket’»
<efraim>is there a socket at /gnu/socket/socket?
<efraim>I hadn't actually tested it
<zimoun>I guess
<efraim>yeah I got connection refused too
<efraim>--share=/var/guix/daemon-socket didn't work either
<civodul>efraim: --share is a good idea, but unfortunately 9p (which is used for host/guest shares) doesn't support Unix-domain sockets
<civodul>but maybe there's a QEMU option to do that, similar to the hostfwd thing
<civodul>if not, we could run a proxy
<efraim>civodul: I figured it was something like that. I guess it's time to dig into the QEMU command options then
<civodul>is there an "obfuscated command-line option contest"?
<zimoun>well, I do not know if it is good idea (secure I mean) to share the store. But in microservices context, it eases the maintenance, especially upgrade thing without completely restart the vm.
<civodul>perhaps you could use "guix system container" in that context, too?
<zimoun>Hum, no because «Currently, the script must be run as root in order to support more than a single user and group.»
<civodul>oh right
<civodul>do you have /etc/subuid on that machine?
<zimoun>yes, but I cannot assume. I mean, it is part of the JRES tutorial.
<zimoun>I am trying to find simple examples but still powerful. :-)