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<zimoun>In case people missed it:
<zimoun>It is interesting to also read
<zimoun>« Dynamic type errors lack relevance »
<civodul>i love it when these folks are lecturing
<civodul>the IP example works in Guix System too
<civodul>it does look interesting though
<civodul>i like the idea of using contracts and having clean error reports
<civodul>but schemas, nah
<zimoun>civodul: currently, the Guix approach is Solution A: «ry to improve the quality of stack traces and dynamic type errors.»
<zimoun>at the Guix Days, samplet asked about Typed Racket and this kind of thing would be interesting in the Guile landscape.
<zimoun>We already discussed this, and I still think that a better typing for Scheme would improve the composition.
<zimoun>And I agree about contracts. The rekado’s proposal seems a nice first step.
*civodul would love to watch the videos :-)
<civodul>yes, Philip recently proposed to start working on that
<civodul>when it comes to configuration, other (often less obvious) things are not captured by types though
<civodul>we should keep this in mind
<civodul>it's a great hammer, but not everything is a nail
<zimoun>I agree, even if I think type allows a better handling of errors.
<civodul>we've seen enough of those wrong-type-arg backtraces, i admit :-)
<zimoun>what is the easiest solution for sharing the store between a VM and the host?
<drakonis>nix mounts it directly into the vm's filesystem
<drakonis>i suspect a similar solution is in order for guix
<civodul>zimoun: "guix system vm" produces a VM that shares its store with the host
<zimoun>thanks. But I cannot install from the VM.
<drakonis>ah yes, there's that
<drakonis>civodul: was there any reason why guix diverged from nix with regards to directory placement?
<drakonis>as opposed to placing everything guix uses in /gnu/
<civodul>drakonis: you mean for /var/guix?
<civodul>that's just the standard convention
<drakonis>i see
<civodul>/nix/var/nix is questionable
<drakonis>the nix folks swear up and down that it makes it more portable?
<civodul>it's slightly helpful on a cluster where you can set up a single NFS mount point instead of two
<civodul>but that's about it
<drakonis>portable as in "install anywhere, care not for the host's directories"
<drakonis>i don't remember the full details anymore, its been a while since i've been in touch with the nix community
<civodul>with 10y minus 1 month of experience, we can tell /var/guix is probably not a significant roadblock to Guix adoption :-)
<drakonis>ha, yes.