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***rekado_ is now known as rekado
***rekado_ is now known as rekado
<zimoun>rekado, PurpleSym: Debuging RStudio, I cannot reproduce with “guix shell -C”. The application starts. So it is a Qt conflict with --pure… need more investigations. :-)
<efraim>possibly somewhat relevant, sddm fails for me with all the grafts we have, I had to reconfigure without grafts.
<efraim>The closest I could track it down was the expat replacement 2.4.4 -> 2.4.5, but reverting that is no longer enough for sddm to allow logins
<efraim>I think we're due an ungrafting round
<zimoun>efraim: ouch! ungrafting round is not ready… or maybe it would happen before the next release. :-p
<zimoun>rekado, PurpleSym: RStudio starts in a container but the display is so poor that many thing are missing. What annoys me is: «"6: Unable to establish connection with R session when executing 'ping'» Any idea?
<PurpleSym>No idea, zimoun. Sorry :(
<efraim>we said python-scipy does need python-pydata-sphinx-theme, right? Apparently that's the path from pandoc to python-scipy and preventing trying to build it on other architectures
<civodul>zimoun: hey, the JRES program's on-line!
<civodul>clicking on the "Article" links doesn't work for me for your tutorial
<zimoun>civodul: it is not finished, yet. The thing is in May. ;-)
<zimoun>does it work for other authors?
<zimoun>civodul, well, it does not work for all the tutorials I checked.
<zimoun>And there is no article for tutorial but only the presentation
<civodul>zimoun: ah, got it; i think it worked on one other thing i clicked on
<zimoun>well, to be honest, I am a bit confused too by the tutorial outcome. From my understanding, it is a new “thing“ at JRES so we are all learning in the same time. :-)
<civodul>heh, sounds fun :-)
<civodul>the abstract makes it sounds more like a talk than a hands-on tutorial, right?
<zimoun>civodul: I am not sure to totally understand the difference, to be honest. Except that tuto is bottom-up and talk is feature-focused.