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<zimoun>rekado: do you have the time to give a look at ?
<zimoun>because an user here needs it. So if you can, they just “guix pull”, otherwise I do it for them via load-path. ;-)
<rekado>I can’t work because I’m getting ;;; In procedure load-thunk-from-memory: incompatible bytecode version
<rekado>I actually have dozens of R upgrades that I wanted to push, but that won’t work now
<efraim>did you also check ~/.cache/guile ?
<rekado>I deleted it, yes
<rekado>even when I run in “guix environment --pure” and when I unset GUILE_* vars
<zimoun>rekado: make clean-go?
<rekado>every time, yes
<rekado>I’ll try all of this again in guix shell -C
<zimoun>maybe you hit the butterfly bug. ;-)
<efraim>that's so frustrating
<rekado>must be something weird with my Emacs :(
<rekado>I can’t reproduce this in a boring old terminal
<rekado>I’ll finish up the CRAN upgrades and then take care of your patches
<rekado>(my worktree is a mess at the moment)
<rekado>I guess I should also upgrade R itself
<rekado>now I wonder if my GWL weirdness was also due to Emacs shenanigans
<rekado>that would be a welcome (albeit frustrating) surprise
<rekado>zimoun: I’m now building the CRAN upgrades; once done I’ll push them to wip-r and then merge your patches.
<rekado>(I’ll to Bioconductor another time.)
<zimoun>rekado: thanks
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<zimoun>PurpleSym: hum, I have no clue about RStudio. Well, do you prefer that I open an issue on GitHub or via bug-guix?
<zimoun>rekado or PurpleSym: have you tried to install binary RStudio from upstream *and* R and R packages from Guix?
<zimoun>I get an expected conflict between glibc that I am not able to solve… so I am asking. :-)
<zimoun>I have to go. I will read the log. :-)
<rekado>zimoun: as you know I’ve patched RStudio Server to support different version of R.
<rekado>rserver spawns an rsession binary, which then uses LD_LIBRARY_PATH to load a different
<rekado>this assumes that the rsession binary is linked with the same libraries as the target
<zimoun>rekado: yeah, but rstudio from guix-science is broken.
<rekado>you *can* override the rsession binary that should be used.
<rekado>it is?
<rekado>how so?
<zimoun>QtWebengine thing
<rekado>anyway: my point is: override the rsession binary so that the one from Guix is used. And then you can make it load from Guix as well.
<zimoun>/gnu/store/qyd1pnfbh9nql7c361g3nzkvvb4lchlp-qtwebengine-5.15.2/lib/qt5/libexec/QtWebEngineProcess: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
<rekado>have you been able to reproduce this in “guix shell -C”?
<rekado>for the above to work you *only* need rsession from Guix.
<rekado>maybe that still works for you?
<rekado>I don’t know if the upstream RStudio Server lets you pick a different, though.
<rekado>that was the point of my patches after all.
<rekado>it’s a feature otherwise only found in the proprietary RStudio Server Pro
<zimoun>Well, my memory is not really fresh but I think I remember it is reproducible with “guix shell -C”.
<zimoun>But I am not sure… checking
<zimoun>No, it is another error about X I guess; «qt.qpa.xcb: could not connect to display»
<zimoun>rekado: I am giving a try to rstudio server by first build it. :-)
<rekado>QT_QPA_PLATFORM=offscreen might get around that error.
<zimoun>since the machine is a work and I am at home, the export display is quite slw… WIP. :-)
<zimoun>Nothing happens but no error.
<zimoun>«This plugin does not support propagateSizeHints()»
<rekado>no idea what that means
<rekado>this is rserver, right?
<rekado>nothing happening is pretty normal, no?
<rekado>or is this rstudio desktop?
<rekado>the mention of Qt makes me think that it’s indeed rstudio desktop
<zimoun>it is rstudio desktop
<rekado>I haven’t worked on that, so what I wrote above may not actually work. But RStudio Desktop does allow you to use a different R, but I’m not sure if it uses rsession.
<rekado>ah, well with QT_QPA_PLATFORM=offscreen you won’t get any GUI :)
<zimoun>heh! :-)
<zimoun>I am reading doc about rstudio server
<zimoun>is it as Emacs daemon ?
<rekado>not really
<rekado>with rserver you start the server process, which listens for connections
<rekado>when connecting it spawns a new process (rsession) for that user.
<rekado>the *browser* then talks to rserver, and rsession merely provides the R process
<rekado>why they didn’t just spawn R itself is a mystery I will never uncover.
<rekado>(using rsession and setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH makes multi-R much more complicated and brittle, and there’s a lot of extra complexity)
<zimoun>hum?! thanks for explaning.
<rekado>we start the server process as unprivileged users like this: ${GUIX_PROFILE}/bin/rserver --database-config-file=<(echo -e "provider=sqlite\ndirectory=$HOME/rstudio-server-db") --auth-none=1 --www-address=localhost --www-port=8888 --server-user=$(whoami) --server-data-dir=${TMPDIR} --secure-cookie-key-file=${TMPDIR}/secure-cookie-key
<rekado>then connect to http://localhost:8888 and you should get RStudio in the browser.
<zimoun>Oh, cool! Thanks.
<rekado>note that rstudio server unsets a lot of variables, so you need to set R_LIBS_SITE manually
<rekado>it also restores old sessions by default, so if you’ve loaded any packages before setting R_LIBS_SITE you’ll have a bad time until you trash your old session data and start over.
<rekado>it’s a recurring issue for people at the MDC, and it really makes me want to patch RStudio again.
<rekado>but the code is really not fun to work with.
*rekado reindents zimoun’s patches :)
<zimoun>ah, the patches are the outputs of “guix import” IIRC.
<zimoun>well, I get «Could not connect to the R seesion on RStudio Server»
<zimoun>hum?! I have another apps running on localhost:8080, maybe that’s why?
<zimoun>No, it says «/gnu/store/bfcrf0m7aj0znn40hy612vv2q4pi4shz-rstudio-server-multi-version-2021.09.2+382/bin/rsession: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory»
<rekado>something sounds rather borked
<rekado>I’ll try to reproduce this
<zimoun>yeah… tomorrow. :-)
<rekado>I’m pulling with guix-science enabled
<rekado>I haven’t used rserver on my laptop in a long time
<zimoun>guix 723ec40 and guix-science 8a87e2.
<rekado>I’m pulling guix bec806e and guix-science 8a87e2
<zimoun>Well, I am running all that on a machine at work via ssh. Not on my poor laptop.
<zimoun>I am pulling the 325 missing commits. :-)
<rekado>that’s where I run this normally as well. But I’ll be off work from tomorrow for 1.5 weeks, so I’d like to avoid logging on there :)
<zimoun>oh, holidays?
<rekado>not really. Renovations.
<rekado>but getting away from computer work is almost the same as holidays
<zimoun>by renovation you mean building restoration, like house or appartment, right?
<rekado>filling in walls tomorrow, then paint, then lay floors
<zimoun>yeah holidays somehow ! :-)
<rekado>and the garden shed needs a new roof. Got damaged in recent storms and the wooden roofing got wet…
<rekado>I don’t think I’ll finish this all in 1.5 weeks because I have no idea what I’m doing
<rekado>I am however blessed with ignorance and the undeserved confidence that comes with it.
<rekado>naïvety makes me start the work, despair and panic make me finish it.
<zimoun>yeah the good ol’ Dunning-Kruger for the handcrafter ;-)