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<civodul>hi zimoun!
<civodul>i'm trying to get user feedback about
<civodul>which means i need to increase the bandwidth with people who're not interested in Guix and just want to get things done "the module way" :-)
<civodul>so i've generated and avertised a bunch of modules on the local cluster here
<civodul>if one of you wants to give it a try, that'd be most welcome!
<zimoun>civodul: you are saying that ’module’ is incremental and ’guix shell’ not. That’s somehow wrong, “guix shell foo” then “guix shell bar” then ^D “guix shell baz” etc. provides the same incremental experience, IMHO.
<zimoun>Somehow, there is no reason for using module except futile resistance. ;-)
<zimoun>Hum?! Create identical machine images for multiple platforms from a single source configuration. I miss how it works.
<civodul>zimoun: "guix shell X" followed by "guix shell Y" doesn't work, because search paths are not combined
<civodul>but now that i think of it, we could make it combine profiles
<zimoun>civodul, it works for me. :-) “guix shell hello” then “guix shell r-minimal” then “hello” and/or “R” just works. What do you mean?
<zimoun>the only thing different from modulefiles is that I cannot unload hello without exiting the profile with r-minimal.
<civodul>counterexample: "guix shell coreutils" followed by "guix shell man-db": MANPATH contains a single profile instead of two
<civodul>IOW, it works for PATH because every profile sets PATH
<civodul>but not for other search paths
<zimoun>MANPATH is unfortunate IMHO as explained by but closed. :-)
<civodul>same for PKG_CONFIG_PATH, C_INCLUDE_PATH, etc.
<zimoun>Somehow, I do not understand. On one hand, we are saying that it is how search paths works and on the other hand it is a counter example.
<civodul>what i'm saying is that "guix shell" computes search paths for the profile it's building
<civodul>it does not attempt to combine it with the "surrounding profile", so to speak
<civodul>by combining, i mean something like "guix package -p P1 -p P2 --search-paths"
<zimoun>yes and from my understanding it is the point of #37790; a way to “combine” profile depending on “surrounding profile”. Well, maybe something is lacking here. But now I took the habits with the current behavior that it is in my muscle memory. :-)
<zimoun>why each time I need a package from the Broad Institute, it is a spaghetti plate… arf!
<zimoun>rekado: ACM is not a free license, right?