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<rekado>civodul: you wrote: [14:34:36] to me, inferiors make sense if they allow users to choose a set of channels/revisions
<rekado>this is indeed what I had planned for GWL
<rekado>although currently only the invoking Guix is used
<rekado>looks like the motivation to control the load path came from the Guile JSON upgrade some time in 2019/2020
<rekado>the decision came about as a result of discussing how the GWL should best be installed
<rekado>as a channel or as a package
<rekado>the dependencies of the GWL precluded installation as a channel
<rekado>but when installing it as a package we have the problem of using a much older Guix during the build compared to the Guix that is eventually extended.
<rekado>more frequent releases of the “guix” package would have minimized this potential problem
<rekado>that’s how we ended up with load path manipulation and inferiors in GWL 0.3.0
<rekado>since then the GWL is “extending” Guix in name only.
<civodul>rekado: oh, makes sense, and looking at the thread above it seems i keep misunderstanding things
<civodul>that's tricky
<civodul>so load path manipulations were because Guix would use a version of guile-json different from that of GWL?
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