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***rekado_ is now known as rekado
<rekado>this GWL problem really makes my brain squirm
<rekado>not because it’s a terribly difficult problem to solve, but because I can’t remember what made me be so sure that I had to resort to resetting the load path and use inferiors.
<civodul>(gwl packages) seems to have few users
<civodul>also, by default it opens an inferior for ~/.config/guix/current
<civodul>... which is usually the same as the guix running gwl, no?
<civodul>to me, inferiors make sense if they allow users to choose a set of channels/revisions
<civodul>like in Guix-Jupyter: users select channels and deploy packages from there
<civodul>is that possible here?
<zimoun>For French speaker, tomorrow, do not miss Konrad with the link
<civodul>zimoun: looks nice!
<civodul>not sure i can make it (a deadline approaching dangerously...)
<zimoun>about dealine, do you have news abou HPC tuto?
<civodul>i think they said mid-March no?
<civodul>ah no, March 4:
<civodul>(i don't have a privileged position though, we should all receive a notification)
<zimoun>ah I thought because you were the “corresponding author” (sender or something along that), you got special position there. Sorry for the noise thus. :-)
<zimoun>civodul: remember me the way for downloading from BBB? Nothing packaged ready to use, right? Just plain ?
<civodul>zimoun: yes, plain
<civodul>lemme check
<civodul>yeah i think it's just that script
<zimoun>Cool! Thanks for checking! Raw videos of Guix Days are available \o/
<zimoun>Long processing since it is 2h + 5h47 + 6h ;-)
<civodul>they *are* or *will* be available?
<civodul>ah you mean they are available on the BBB instance
<civodul>sorry for the monologue :-)
<zimoun>they are and will be. ;-) Are on BBB and will be on Guix videos stuff :-)
<zimoun>Even if it requires some quality control…
<civodul>great, you rock
<zimoun>When a finger slide with Emacs let you discover a feature. :-) I did not know fill-prefix for indent-region.
<civodul>ah yes, that's also how i learn about key bindings :-)