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<zimoun>rekado: about GWL, I get (primitive-load-path "guix/guix/extensions/workflow.scm") when export GUIX_EXTENSIONS_PATH=guix/extensions, so I am a bit lost.
<zimoun>any idea?
<zimoun>and note that “guix help” lists workflow, it is then “guix workflow -h” which returns an error.
<zimoun>ah, I am trying to play with it from source.
<rekado>zimoun: I feel like I’m missing context
<rekado>what’s the primitive-load-path thing?
<zimoun>rekado, the error message.
<zimoun>I set GUIX_EXTENSIONS_PATH=guix/extensions, then “guix help“ displays the line about ’workflow’, and then “guix workflow -h” returns the error of primitive-load-path.
<rekado>it just prints that expression?
<rekado>let me try to set this up myself
<rekado>here’s what I just did:
<rekado>guix install gwl
<rekado>export GUIX_EXTENSIONS_PATH=$HOME/.guix-profile/share/guix/extensions
<rekado>guix help | grep workflow
<rekado>guix workflow -h
<rekado>this all works
<rekado>are you literally setting “GUIX_EXTENSIONS_PATH=guix/extensions”?
<zimoun>rekado: it is from source.
<zimoun>./bootstrap && ./configure && make
<zimoun>then from the cloned repo, I do not find the way to use this fresh gwl. :-)