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<zimoun>efraim: I was looking at d96481c072d9a1e059806c509b7bd5911a74ce42 and what is it required? The build-system should care about it, see a2010ac21b020b31a723387d3ab82ef72ee6f64c. Do you remember what was broken?
<efraim>zimoun: It was to address the missing depends line that spams the log
<efraim>the build system has an option for adding depends, but it isn't actually exposed anywhere
<zimoun>efraim, thanks. So let fix the build system. :-) I am giving a look…
<efraim>julia-create-package-toml has a field for deps, but there's no option to add it that I saw
<zimoun>yep, #:julia-package-dependencies needs to be added accordingly
<zimoun>efraim: ah you did the dependencies, I was also doing it. Polishing many julia packages since it rebuilds a lot, I guess.
<efraim>oh, I only did the changes and the one package
<zimoun>I am waiting to read your patch :-) Debbugs seems lagging…
<efraim>if you're actually putting work into making a whole bunch of them nice we can skip my patches
<efraim>i know, waiting for my confirmation email
<efraim>finally came
<zimoun>efraim, so I have converted to new G-Exp as discussed in and removes trailing #t for the phases.
<zimoun>efraim: I have fixed minor issues with your patch 54088; and I am rebuilding all julia packages to see if all if fine. Therefore, I will a v2 tomorrow. :-)