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<zimoun>civodul: did you have some time for checking the drafts post? I would like to push it to drafts/? Is it fine?
<civodul>zimoun: sorry not yet, but i still have two days of work before vacation, so i'll get that done
<civodul>it's on my to-do list
<civodul>i got sidetracked by a couple of bugs...
<zimoun>hehe! I see…
<zimoun>Hopefully, rekado_ fixed the bug that annoyed me the most for my current work (fonts and modular texlive) :-)
<kir0ul>Can I ask more details about modular TeX Live? 🙂 Is it about having the full/medium/small/basic/minimal schemes of TeX Live or about something else?
<zimoun>kir0ul: yes, texlive is splitted into small chunks, package per package. It reduces the bandwidth and ease maintenance.
<rekado_>kir0ul: the goal is to provide packages (and meta-packages) as they are specified in the tlpdb.
<rekado_>this allows users (and other packages) to only depend on those parts of the texlive tree that they really want or need
<rekado_>the alternative is to install the complete texlive distribution
<rekado_>this works fine, but it’s also really big
<rekado_>in the process of packaging texlive as little independent parts we find a number of problems relating to transparency (“what’s the source code actually?”)
<kir0ul>Yeah TeX Live full is massive... 😬
<kir0ul>By the way they're on in case you need to contact them
<rekado_>kir0ul: oh, actual texlive developers?