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<civodul>hey there!
<mbakke>"[EasyBuild] is a perfect tool to describe a software installation in a concise, accurate and reproducible way", heh :)
<zimoun>I hope to have some time for watching and because I am really curious
<civodul>it's a game where those who speak louder win :-)
<zimoun>Open Science Awards for Open Source Research Software:
<zimoun>rekado: I discovered Faust «Functional Programming Language for Real Time Signal Processing» :-)
<rekado>Faust is fun
<rekado>unfortunately, the compatibility situation is very bad. Lots of users out there are stuck with particular minor versions and won’t work with anything more recent.
<civodul>but documentation is great, from what i understood :-)
<rekado>yes, it’s also pretty easy to understand how to make things work, which is surprising for DSP/audio programming.
<rekado>Faust can generate LV2 plugins and many others
<rekado>I played with it for a while, hoping I could generate code for my Axoloti DSP board, but that didn’t turn out too weel.
<drakonis> this is for software signing
<drakonis>as it turns out, software signing is a hotly contested arena
<civodul>yeah, there's also slsa (Google)