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<rekado_>civodul: testing your cleaned up patches. They already look exciting to me
<rekado_>there’s a typo at —> “different” should be “difference”
<rekado_>just replied to the issue; works great
<civodul>rekado_: woohoo, thanks!
<civodul>will adjust and push soon
<rekado_>chef kiss emoji!
<zimoun>civodul, rekado_: so the tutot is going for one full day, right?
<civodul>rekado_: pushed!
<rekado_>thank you
<civodul>anyone knows if hyperref can make URLs visible in the text?
<civodul>or maybe if Org can export links as hyperlink + footnote or something?
<rekado_>don’t know
<efraim>zimoun: do you have anything for julia-timezones?
<rekado_>I only found this:
<rekado_>or this:
*civodul looks
<civodul>that does the trick
<civodul>"Conda" or "CONDA"?
<civodul> says "Conda"
<zimoun>yes, it is Conda, not CONDA.
<zimoun>Similarly as Guix is not GUIX, IMHO.
<rekado_>the logo is all caps, though
<rekado_>but in their own text they use “Conda”
<civodul>yeah i always thought it was CONDA
<zimoun>efraim: not yet. But it rings a bell. Currently, I am packaging julia-flux for ML.
<efraim>I almost have julia-optim ready for upstreaming
<rekado_>it sounds bad, but I think the intent is to make sure that they can fix things that otherwise would expose them to legal threats
<rekado_>e.g. slides containing slanderous statements
<civodul>yeah, could be
<civodul>the wording just sounds pretty bad
<rekado_>for sure
<rekado_>but then again … almost all legal text sounds bad to me.
<rekado_>crap, all the pigx packages were broken since the c-u-f merge and I didn’t notice
<rekado_>their build system captures PYTHONPATH, embeds it, and restores it at runtime.
<rekado_>it’s a variant of wrap-{program,script}, really, but usable beyond just Guix
<rekado_>well, except that it broken on Guix because of the PYTHONPATH -> GUIX_PYTHONPATH move
<rekado_>very embarrassing.
<civodul>but easy to fix i suppose?