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<efraim>fixed python-2.4 and almost all of the python24 packages
<efraim>I wonder if it would be possible to export the guix-daemon as a nar to be fed into the store and then switched to
<efraim>I've never used ansible/puppet, but it seems faster than trying to make it run 'guix pull' before 'systemctl restart guix-daemon'
<rekado>blakefiler has no support for anything Java, but I think I understand how it works and how it provides support for other rules.
<rekado>at least I know now that it won’t be as easy as I had hoped.
<rekado>looking at my GWL working directory I see a bunch of uncommitted changes; all to add job submission via DRMAA
<rekado>I think this actually works, it just wasn’t pretty
<civodul>ah ha!
<civodul>sounds nice
<rekado>it’s hidden behind an env var
<rekado>this whole idea of execution backends never really took off once we realized that we had no need for generating different execution *scripts*
<rekado>so I’ll probably reclaim the meaning of “execution backend”
<civodul>so you can pick the backend at run time, right?
<rekado>originally it meant a “compile” time thing